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Satnav Mystery Tour

Make your own Mystery Tour
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Remember in the olden days when there were organised Mystery Tour's ? People would get on a bus and be taken to an unknown destination for a good day's fun. Well now, thanks to SatNav, you can organise your very own Mystery Tour!

Simply shut your eyes, and stab randomly at the buttons till a Mystery Destination is established. Then stick a piece of cardboard over the display (to prevent spoiling the surprise), and off you go!

Follow the Mystery Voice until it announces 'You have reached your destination", then get out and have a jolly good time!

Mickey the Fish, Nov 06 2009


       Use a 'prepared to go' radius and either current position or a 'tour centrepoint'   

       Simply link in with google maps (or similar) to pinpoint the locations, no need to cover the screen, just make sure the final destination isn't displayed.
Skrewloose, Nov 06 2009

       Perhaps you could uncover the satnav screen and instead use a thick cardboard to cover the windows of your car, so that you will be able to enjoy maximum mystery (and therefore also surprise).
calum, Nov 06 2009

       This is a rather splendid idea. +
DrBob, Nov 06 2009

       what the good/bad doctor said!   

       oh buggar, I'm in Milton Keynes
po, Nov 06 2009

       This is a wonderful idea. Foresightful SatNav manufacturers could also implement this by means of a "Random" button.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2009

       Nice idea. +
blissmiss, Nov 06 2009

       Baked - just let the Sales Manager (who cannot possibly ever be wrong) program the GPS, then sit back and enjoy.
8th of 7, Nov 07 2009

       I think this has already been covered in XKCD... somewhere.
pertinax, Nov 08 2009


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