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Wanderlust Destination Finder

Selects a destination for people with wanderlust to visit.
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If you are anything like I am, you are occasionally struck with the overwhelming urge to leave your general vicinity before you are struck with the need to climb a clock tower. Or just need to go some where. With today's map generation technology it wouldn't be too hard to have a list of little known vaguely interesting places to visit that could be generated based on certain criteria. I.e. how far, how much time. It would go something like this. Where do you live: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. How much time do you have:A weekend. Maximum distance you want to travel:1000km's

Answer:You should visit the "Big Apple" in Colborne Ontario. (see link)

Thus you have a place to go and something to do for a weekend.

TBK, Dec 08 2002

The Big Apple http://www.cyberbea...nyka/LCRA/apple.htm
Possibly the most underwhelming attraction I have ever personally visited. [TBK, Oct 04 2004]

Random direction chooser http://www.halfbake...direction_20chooser
an existing idea by [fleasting], very similar to [IVnick8or's] annotation about dice [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       I do like the idea but I think that doing this would take away alot of the adventure of just packing up and leaving without really knowing where your going or why, I feel that this is how the best kind of trips begin.
Gulherme, Dec 08 2002

       I agree, I have done this myself. Took two weeks for a motorcycle trip to vermont for the heck of it. But some people aren't that creative,or free spirited. People like my brother look at me funny and wonder why I would take 2 weeks to go nowhere. It is with people like him that I had in mind when I thought of this.
TBK, Dec 08 2002

       Hears one for you, just get a map and a few darts. hang the map on the wall, and fling a dart or two at it, just home they dont all hit the ocean or somethig. =o)
Chaos_5, Dec 08 2002

       what ever happened to "getting there is half the fun" If you are going to go to the trouble of getting lost you should at least be able to say. "I went and saw the 'not so grand canyon' the other day"
TBK, Dec 09 2002

       TBK, isn't your invention already baked under the name of A Travel Agent?
Gwenanda, Dec 09 2002

       "The best navigators don't know where they're going until they get there"
1kester, Dec 09 2002

       I'm kind of with [Gulherme], but I'll vote for this. Some of us want to get lost - but know that as soon as we put our foot out of the door without someone to hold our hand it will go 'Pete Tong' (for non-UK people = wrong).   

       This at least gets the ball rolling. Points us in the right direction. The chances of 'the plan' being cast to the wind (and in my case being promoted to outright fiasco) are quite high, so there will still be mystery.
Jinbish, Dec 09 2002

       Interestingly, this idea hasn't arrived in a proper category yet
thumbwax, Dec 09 2002

       [IVnick8or] see the link I added for an existing idea similar to your idea about rolling a die.
krelnik, Dec 09 2002

       My wife used to know someone who, when bored, would show up at the airport and buy a ticket to the same place as the person ahead of him at the ticket counter. Of course, he also had enough money to purchase a suitable wardrobe once he got there, and no pressing need to come back to earn more. There is an advert on TV at the moment showing a similarly inclined person picking his destination with a flung dart.
dalek, Dec 09 2002

       I've been to the Big Apple!   

       In that case, getting there was 100% of the fun.
rapid transit, May 22 2003

       I just had a similar idea for this feature in a GPS. Give the GPS a range (in distance or time) and it would choose a destination entirely at random. Close enough, I think, to this idea to not warrant posting it separately.
phoenix, Dec 02 2008


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