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Save Power

multi power toaster
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when designing toasters allow for a switch that cooks 1 slice 2 slices three slices or 4 slices at the flick of a switch only certain parts of the toaster work saving on power .
nzkiwiman, Nov 04 2000

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       I've seen 2-slot toasters that only heat up one if you're only using one, and four slot ones that only heat up two if necessary...
StarChaser, Nov 04 2000

       Great Idea, last month I made 20 pieces of toast and my electric bill skyrocketed over the previous month in which I had toasted only 12. Nearly bankrupted me and caused several power outages. With this idea-Never again.
thumbwax, Nov 05 2000

       I like those too...When I eat toast, sometimes I want to make a meal out of it, and do 8 or 10 pieces...Butters them as well. Saw an old toaster once that had a little conveyor belt, carried the slices of bread <horizontally, but standing on one end> through the toasting area and dropped them on a plate at the other end...
StarChaser, Nov 05 2000

       Suggestion: rather than the switch that's widely used now, autodetect the presence of toast slices by their weight pressing down on the thingies that pop the toast out, and adjust the flow of electricity accordingly.   

       I can never remember which slot the single slice is supposed to go in, and often forget to set the switch back.   

       (I think what reensure remembers is a toaster that starts the toasting process, but not one that turns off the heating thingies.)
jutta, Nov 05 2000, last modified Nov 06 2000

       Great suggestion, jutta, but baked. The antique toasters that sensed, lowered, and ejected bread are so rare these days that we made a game out of acquiring one for my mother to replace hers. Toaster toasted but one side? Sounds good.
reensure, Nov 06 2000

       The antique toasters actually had a little lever at the top of the toasting rack that tripped a switch and started the toasting process by slowly lowering the bread into the toaster while at the same time heating up the elements. It also lifted out the toast slowly when finished, instead of popping up like modern toasters.   

       I actually own one of these toasters, and unfortunately it does not have individually-powered slots, just like jutta mentioned- nor do any other antique toasters I've seen.
BigThor, Nov 06 2000

rufio, Aug 30 2003

       //autodetect the presence of toast slices by their weight pressing down on the thingies that pop the toast out//   

       D'oh! I was just about to post that as a new idea called "Dead Man's Toaster".
pertinax, Feb 02 2008

       Also have a switch that only turns on one side for bagels because I only like the flat side toasted. Actually I've seen this at a Best Western.
Flipmastacash, May 22 2008


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