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Saving Nicotine dependant chimps

Employ them in the hospitality industry.
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What ever happened to those chimps in educational videos seen puffing away in cages?

I propose that major hotels purchase these chimps and relegate them to the bathrooms of hotels. When a business traveller wakes up in the morning and feels groggy, a chimp could be summoned and in exchange for a cigarette (the non-smoking guest could arrange to buy a cigarette from the front desk), the chimp would shave, comb the hair, brush the teeth and draw a bath for said business traveller. Chimps are pretty smart primates, maybe they could even be taught to brew a pot of coffee. No animal need suffer a nicotine withdrawal fit ever again!

RogerRam, Sep 28 2002

The Bathroom Monkey (Video link) http://www.milkandcookies.com/links/3262/
I don't know where monkeys come from.. I don't know how they reproduce.. I don't know how they eat. But I do know one thing: they were born to clean bathrooms." [dbsousa, Jul 23 2005]


       What about the happiness of the monekey? Surely they wont be too happy serving people all day, if you gave them cocain then they would be alot happier to do your bidding.
Gulherme, Sep 29 2002

       Roger should be turned over to the Society for the Abolition of Cruelty to Animals.
Divine_Messenger, Jul 22 2005

       Wow! an idea involving chimps that I'm gonna bone!...[-]
Minimal, Jul 22 2005

       What happened to them? Typically, after a set period of heavy smoking, they were euthanized and autopsied.
Freefall, Jul 23 2005


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