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Seen the Movie, Slept In the Room, Bought the T shirt

famous hotel movie rooms
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Many great movies have featured hotel rooms as a major feature in their unfolding plots. I'm just now watching the Shining, and of course there is The Bates Motel of Psycho fame. John Turturro lodged in a very particular room in Barton Fink, the Coen Brothers 1991 classic. There are many more, but I don't want to start a list.

The idea is gather enough of these rooms together and use them to create a "fashion" hotel. Guests could add to their experience by dressing according to their chosen time period and theme.

My own choice this evening would be the room used by Bill Murray in Lost in Translation.

xenzag, Feb 27 2009

Room with a great view http://www.lost-in-translation.com/
and a great guest in a room nearby [xenzag, Feb 27 2009]


Would the hotel also have windows replaced with LCD screens showing the view from the movie hotels' rooms?
Veho, Feb 28 2009

xenzag, Feb 28 2009


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