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Roller Racking Capsule Hotel

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This idea simply combines the capsule hotel with roller racking technology to create a space-saving hotel with all the charming cosiness of roller racking and the sleek metal construction and top-notch engineering of the capsule hotel. There may be a disconcerting feeling of motion if the racks are moved by someone in the middle of the night, but no more than if you were sleeping on a night train.

Creatively-written fire safety certificate available for inspection at reception.
hippo, Apr 05 2018

Compact Storage Facility Compact_20Storage_20Facility
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       We have a rack'n'roll theme going here.   

       {crickets chirp}   

       But anyway, I'm calling dibs on the movie script which starts with someone shouting "Fire!" in one of these facilities, and ends with the credits rolling on a rack.
pertinax, Apr 05 2018

       ...and if it was a film about a fire in an underwater roller racking capsule hotel the music playing over the closing credits could be "Rolling In The Deep"
hippo, Apr 05 2018

       Bad news for sleepwalkers...
RayfordSteele, Apr 05 2018

       // Creatively-written fire safety certificate available for inspection at reception. //   

       <frantic waving/>   

       Oooh ! Oooooh ! Can we draft that, please ?   

       Hmmm, "The value of units can go down as well as up" should fit in nicely ... somewhere.   

       The occupants would need to enter the pod head first; positive pressure ventilation at the head end would expel odours through a vent in the entry hatch.
8th of 7, Apr 05 2018

       [8th] This isn't the Mortuary Hotel - that's next door
hippo, Apr 05 2018

       Are you dead certain about that ?   

       <winds crank on roller rack motel/>   

       "We see dead people.... "
8th of 7, Apr 05 2018


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