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Say "No" to blacksmiths in space

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I propose a blanket ban on blacksmiths going into space/careers in astronomy.

I mean, look at what happened when got to name the ear bones, hammer, stirrup, and anvil...

Talk about being a laughing stock at the Galactic Council. I can see it now, the Human delegation putting in a proposal...

Human ambassador "...and so we propose to colonise planet X7593"

Grand Alien Wallah "X7593? Let me just check, that would be the one you called, let me just see, ah yes.. "Big Hammer 2, The One I Use For Doing Wrought Iron."

Human ambassador "Er, er, er well, that's the old name.."

<round of snickering from other species, and surreptitious Gangnam Style type horse miming behind ambassador's back>

not_morrison_rm, Feb 12 2013

Advocaat http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advocaat
[not_morrison_rm, Feb 12 2013]

Ear bone guy http://en.wikipedia...lessandro_Achillini
[MechE, Feb 12 2013]

Horsehead Nebula http://en.wikipedia...ki/Horsehead_Nebula
[not_morrison_rm, Feb 12 2013]

William of Occam, Summa_Logicae http://www.logicmus...e/Book_II/Chapter_2
Donkey mad, that's what I say [not_morrison_rm, Feb 12 2013]


UnaBubba, Feb 12 2013

       Advocaat? Blurgh, I hate the stuff. See link. but not just after you've just eaten something.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 12 2013

       Pretty sure the ear naming is the result of doctors, not blacksmiths. Blacksmiths (and it happens I'm currently taking lessons in the subject) tend to be much more creative in their naming (and don't, as a rule, use latin for the names).
MechE, Feb 12 2013

       Although if they did, "magnus malleus" really isn't that bad a name.   

       Names should never be translated for just that reason.
MechE, Feb 12 2013

       Dibs on Mercury.   

       Look, it's started already - Horsehead Nebula...   

       As for Alessandro Achillini, it does mention he was "an advocate of the teachings of William of Ockham". Now William grew up in "small town of Ockham" and what would a small town have?   

       I also refer you to William's life "On May 26, 1328 they escaped in the night on stolen horses"...so Alessandro was influenced by William, and William had horsey ways, probably because his father was a blacksmith.   

       I will also draw your attention to Summa Logicae, book 2, chapter 2 which contains no less than six references to donkeys.   

       The chain of connections is irrefutable.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 12 2013

       After a quick recount, Book III Chapter 1 has 21 mentions of donkey, Book III Chapter 2 has a mere 6 mentions...   

       I gave up at page 38 of Book III Chapter 2, I thought I was making an ass of myself.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 12 2013

       Ah, but as everyone knows, while blacksmiths do, in fact, shoe donkeys, thats not their primary focus. Early American gold prospectors, on the other hand, could not live without their donkey. I suggest, therefore, that William of Occam was descended from time traveling miners.   

       The reference to hammer and stirrup is easily explained this way, as miners use both. The anvil is a little more troubling, but I believe this is in reference to the historic practice of "Anvil Firing" in celebration, which obviously no true smith would do since it would risk damaging this most critical of tools.
MechE, Feb 12 2013

       Personally I'm wondering about the effect on William's writing on later culture, in particular literature. Cervantes springs to mind.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 12 2013

       Anvils are for wimps. Have you never heard of "hand forged" ironware? It's a bit like "hand baked" pies.
pocmloc, Feb 13 2013

       //Have you never heard of "hand forged" ironware?   

       Using those titanium hands is just plain and simple cheating, to put it bluntly.   

       Expect to see an L Armstrong and his up and coming book "It's not about the Anvil"....
not_morrison_rm, Feb 13 2013

       No blacksmiths, especially if they're using performance- enhancing rugs on horses.
UnaBubba, Feb 14 2013


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