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Sell Naming RIghts for Physics Laws

We're leaving money on the table
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Newton is long dead. Why are we still calling it "Newton's 2nd law".

Instead, let's auction off the naming rights to laws of physics.

We could easily raise $2,000,000 / year to have all people call it: "Home Depot's Entropy Law".

This idea, brought to you by Carl's Jr.

sophocles, Apr 10 2014

Cole's Law http://www.urbandic...term=Cole%27s%20Law
[normzone, Apr 10 2014]

Cartoon Laws of Physics http://www.ahajokes.com/sci81.html
[normzone, Apr 10 2014]

Reynolds number http://en.wikipedia...iki/Reynolds_number
....the Reynolds number (Re) is a dimensionless quantity [not_morrison_rm, Apr 10 2014]


       I'm sure [8th] can do his own cat.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2014

       [Maxwell] Do or not do, there is no "try". "8th's Cat" is definitely at one of those 2 states, not at an intermediate state, trying. Brought to you by Yoda
sophocles, Apr 10 2014

       Who wants Murphy's Law? Let's start the bidding at, say, 0.01 kopek?
RayfordSteele, Apr 10 2014

       An'd pretty soon we'll have the technology to do a global search and replace in all published works to avoid the confussion of old names being used.
scad mientist, Apr 10 2014

       Taking this idea to it's logical conclusion, I am making my list of Halfbakery ideas available to interested bidders.   

       Yes, for a token fee I will rename any of my ideas - e.g. [RayfordSteele]'s Breezing Bra.   

       Please contact me via email or the annotations on this idea and offer your bid. Permanent or renewable options available, local taxes and license may apply, ask your doctor if [normzone] is right for you.
normzone, Apr 10 2014

       I'd bid, if only to be able to claim Cole's Law.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2014

       "...and so, according to the law of If Thou Believeth In Science Thou Shalt Be Damned, we find that force is equal to mass times acceleration."
Spacecoyote, Apr 10 2014

       My alternative faith-based organizations portfolio has been enriched by the acquisition of The Great Bob's Law of Thermodynamics, and the Children of the First Miracle's Holistic Law of Fluid Dynamics. The latter used to be owned by Bernoulli, and the former has become a source of controversy due to numbering error and some differences of opinion over the implicit right to modernise the content of your law.   

       It may be of interest to know that the Children of the First Miracle are a dissident faction of the AA (the big difference being that the Children drink - in honour of the implicit teachings demonstrated to the faithful at the wedding at Cana). Neither the Great Bob, nor the Children of the First Miracle are my own philosophical ideas or coinages. I stole the whole lot from a cousin of mine - actually the maker of Bob's idol.
skoomphemph, Apr 10 2014

       I bid one quid on the Reynold's number, renaming it "We have no idea, but it works"
not_morrison_rm, Apr 10 2014

       So, if you were prepared to spend a little bit of money you could confuse people by swapping over the name of week known things - e.g.Pauli's equation and Schrödinger's exclusion principle
hippo, Apr 10 2014

       //swapping over the name of week known things// Hey - I've known about those things for years.   

       //just don't touch the SI units.// You mean like the Kellogram or the degree Calvin Klein?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2014

       Hey! You don't get to name it until you pay up!! Cease & Desist with your clever naming right now fellow bakers!!!!!!!!   

       Send all checks to Jutta, & she & I will split them. </s>
sophocles, Apr 10 2014

       *well* - predictive text fail... - although I am a little impressed that my phone's predictive text knows the word "Schrödinger"
hippo, Apr 10 2014

       Now I'm disappointed. My iPhone accepts "Schrofinger" without a murmer.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2014

       "Coles Law"   

       (Thinly sliced cabbage, carrot, etc in a creamy dressing)
AusCan531, Apr 11 2014

       //Send all checks to Jutta, & she & I will split them.//   

       I can't believe you fell for that old one [sophocles]. Sucka!
AusCan531, Apr 11 2014

       </s> is the sarcasm tag, for those few who didn't know. The HB isn't a commercial thing. It's all good fun.   

       Keep those silly names coming!   

       And, I thought auto correct on phones would not consistently work with the word Schrodinger.
sophocles, Apr 11 2014

       Shop at The Particle Exchange - brought to you by QuarkMart.
xandram, Apr 11 2014

       Could we surreptitiously rename the Ten Commandments to the Ten Physics Laws?   

       This gives me an idea...
RayfordSteele, Apr 11 2014

       Apple- iDeal Pad law.
Ling, Apr 11 2014


       Is is just me or has the title just lost an "i" and gained an "l"?   

       Of course, losing an "i" is bad news for binocular vision, cos then you have to choose between bnocular vision, binocular vsion, or binocular vison.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 11 2014


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