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Scale rule marker

Marks the scale in use
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I can use various CAD programs, but since I don't use them often (too slow), I sometimes use a scale rule and a piece of paper.
I find it gives a better feel for things.
But I did make one goof while using one of those 3 sided scale rules: I somehow used a different scale on some part of the drawing.
Every time I pick up the scale rule, I have to turn it over, looking for the right scale (It's always the last one).
I propose a little plastic 3 pronged oojamadoobreything that allows the user to point a red marker to say "THIS ONE, STUPID".
Ling, Nov 01 2004


       I need it.
swamilad, Nov 01 2004

       my aunt lives in the remote outback town of oojamadoobrey.
benfrost, Nov 01 2004

       Do they make three pronged thingys?
Ling, Nov 01 2004

       The Green Manalishi had one.
angel, Nov 01 2004

       The Green Manalishi had one missing.
Ling, Nov 01 2004

       So he did! What *was* I thinking?
angel, Nov 01 2004


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