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Seven inches long

Measurements on things, for convenience and utility
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I often use improvised rulers when I need the rough size of something. My foot is about 13 inches long (in shoes), a sheet of A4 paper is about 30cm long, a 10p coin (UK) is 25mm (1inch) across, etc.
I just noticed that a small cardboard carton happened to have its exact dimensions printed on the inside of one of its end- flaps. Why not have the dimensions printed inconspicuously on many things (especially packaging and other ephemera)? You'd never want for a handy ruler.

Basepair, Jul 09 2005

Ruler boxer shorts http://www.mistertu...k_Lycra_Boxers.html
[rubyminky, Oct 13 2005]


       well, do it in Metric so the I (a USer) can finally learn it.
dentworth, Jul 09 2005

       I'm not going to post the obvious joke, something about boxer shorts, but I can't help thinking it.
dentworth, Jul 09 2005

       "You want to see an interesting tattoo?"
Detly, Jul 09 2005

       [Detly] beat me to it.
Zimmy, Jul 09 2005

       Sheesh. The tone of this place.
Basepair, Jul 09 2005

       //My foot is about 13 inches long//   

       Thinly veiled, but not too thinly.
crater, Jul 09 2005

       //Thinly veiled, but not too thinly.// No, it's 13 inches when veiled in a trainer. When veiled in a sock it's only 11 inches. Sorry to dissappoint.
Basepair, Jul 10 2005

       Joking aside, this would work well in some circumstances. Like for boxes when you are moving. You could have your furniture rearanged in your new domicile before your actual furniture gets to the new place. +
sartep, Jul 10 2005

       [Jutta] my mfd was more of a pre- emptive suggestion than a request....I am happy to go with the majority verdict :-)
Basepair, Jul 10 2005

       jutta is playing with you quite possibly - or not!   

       I like it anyway
po, Jul 10 2005

       Thank you, Po :-)
Basepair, Jul 10 2005

       !That was why I used it without the hyphens - but apologies anyway.
Basepair, Jul 10 2005

       //My foot is about 13 inches long// A baker’s foot?   

       I frequently rely on dental floss for quick measurements, since I keep a box in the car. Snap it off and take the length of floss with you to the store, etc. Calibrated floss (possibly alternating colors) would come in handy when taking multiple measurements. “Which measurement is this one for”?
Shz, Jul 11 2005

       I'm still waiting for Metric dental floss before I decide to start using it.   

       The sooner the US stops wasting gallons per mile and starts using the more modest litres per kilometer, the better off the environment will be. ;)
not_only_but_also, Jul 12 2005

       Americans would buy any car if it was described in fractions of a football field in length.   

       And as Cowboy Curtis once said: "Ya know what they say, PeeWee... Big Boots...Big FEET!!"
moPuddin, Jul 31 2005

       My god, the worlds gone mad!   

       don't let them sell us less gas for more money{not_only_but_also}. they would too!
toomer34, Aug 17 2005

       [toomer34] Which side of the Atlantic are you on? The good old Imperial gallon is bigger than the weedy US one. Which is why we expect to pay more from it. I think.
coprocephalous, Aug 17 2005

       Wouldn’t work: "Packed by weight, not by volume."
cjacks, Oct 11 2005

       They should print the exact volume of eggs on their shells. Now there's a challenge.
jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

       Nah. Aristotle figured out how to do that ages ago.
wagster, Oct 13 2005

       Damn that Archimedes, stealing the credit for it.
pertinax, Feb 08 2020


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