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Scalene Tricycle

The epitome of asymmetry
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Standard tricycles teach nothing to tots other than how to ram into their siblings, the family dog, or how to put a dent in your fender. The Scalene Tricycle takes all the joy out of these actions and makes them that much harder to accomplish, thereby teaching junior valuable skills. These skills are increased balance, the ability to understand one's environment despite it being cockeyed, and coping with inabilities. Mind you, junior could just get tipsy as well, but that would be illegal...

The Scalene Tricycle has three different sized wheels. Each wheel has its respective axle slightly off center so as to effect a wobble. The seat can be rotated at a 5degree pitch all about. The handlebars are different lengths and heights, as are the pedals.

New games can be invented such as "Try to hit me now!", "Uphill or Downhill?", "Ride a straight line or it's Bedtime", or "Parked Car Roulette".

If junior becomes deft with his new toy, make adjustments while he has his afternoon nap. Swap a couple of wheels, lower the seat, or shift the handlebars sideways.

Since the purpose is to not be symmetrical, you could employ unskilled workers to put them together and no one will be the wiser.

bdag, Jun 29 2010

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Ok, terrible reference... I was looking for the name of the guy who rides around with his head on fire, had a mental block so I went to google and I found this. [daseva, Jun 29 2010]


       Seems sensible enough to me.... needs shoes to match. Toast!
xenzag, Jun 29 2010

       What [21], said. Not that I knew his uncle, just the basic idea of it.   

       I see this more of becoming a thing for the hip cyclist. Everything is adjustable so you can isolate different muscle groups with different balance schema and so forth. I can't post the idea, because it would be basically yours, just for adults. So [+]   

       Making a bike hard for a kid to ride requires nothing more than a good ghost ride into a fence (put a match to some lighter fluid on the seat to let MJ ride (link)).
daseva, Jun 29 2010


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