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Scared Straight Medical

Similar to the Scared Straight Programs That Take Kids to Visit Jails
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There are programs where they take kids who are started to cause problems in school to jail so they can meet criminals, with the idea that once they see where bad behavior is likely to end up, they'll turn into good kids. This only lets the kids see some of the people affected by crime. I say they should see more reasons to turn away from criminality. They should be taken to the city morgue to see the people who didn't make it to jail. Also, they should be taken to the hospital that is most likely to treat victims of crime and violence, and stay for a Friday or Saturday graveyard shift. Seeing the victims of crime when they haven't had time for the wounds to heal should scare a higher percentage of them away from the choices that lead to a life of crime and violence.
DonBirnam, Feb 02 2004


       Morgues. Good to know. Now there's just the watching gunshot victims testing positive for PCP saying "why me?"
DonBirnam, Feb 02 2004

       Oh, I thought this was going to be forcing the kids to see people dying of lung cancer so they wouldn't start smoking, and such like.
krelnik, Feb 02 2004

       Have them watch people at the dentist who get teeth pulled because they didn't brush. Some "patients" could be actors who utter blood curdling screams and pee their pants. - That'll teach em to brush.
kbecker, Feb 02 2004

       Yeah, when I saw the title I was under the same impression- You go into the hosptial with chest pain and the doctor tells you that you might need a heart transplant. And while he goes into the next room to laugh at you, you are lying on the bed praying "Oh please let it not be so! I will take better care of my health!"
Jscotty, Jan 12 2006


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