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remote auto disable

police disable criminal's car
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During or before a high speed chase, the police punch in the criminal's license plate number, a unique code is transmitted to the criminal's car and it turns off his ignition. Nobody hurt .
KindlyRat, Jun 20 2001

AirIQ vehicle monitoring system http://www.airiq.com/
Services offered include "Remote Vehicle Disabling" at the infamous "click of a button". I hope that that only works if the vehicle is stationary. [jutta, Jun 20 2001]

Article on STOVEACT http://catless.ncl..../19.66.html#subj5.1
STOlen VEhicle ACTivation [wiml, Jun 20 2001]


       Have u seen the film 'Night Rider 2000', Kit does it!
edski, Jun 20 2001

       This is actually being looked at with such systems as LoJack and others. The main issue (as I understand it) is that once you shut down the engine, you have a tendancy to loose steering and braking ability (as these are powered by the engine). While this isn't much of a problem on a farm road at 10Mph, try doing 70Mph down a city road and cut the engine.
Reverend D, Jun 20 2001

       Reverend D, I tried your suggestion out.... it hurt.
Please be more sensible in future suggestions!
Legend, Jun 21 2001

       There ya go, UnaBubba. Simple modification and KindlyRat's idea is much safer. High-speed auto chases are pretty risky business not only for the quarry and the pursuer but for innocent bystanders as well.
Dog Ed, Jun 25 2001

       I take that you saw the neverending standoff in Los Angeles last week, Kindly Rat? (Cops and Coroner won against the nervy pursuee, who was highly entertaining until he fired shots at cops)
thumbwax, Jun 25 2001

       A better idea, I think, would just be to have a remote clampdown on the throttle over time, effectively capping their maximum speed while preventing the loss of power steering/breaking.
Postscript, Mar 09 2010


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