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Scented Clothing

clothing with it's own scent
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Designers have a certain idea of what they want when they create an article of clothing, whether it be a high-fashion dress or pre-faded jeans.

This idea is to include specific olfactory "designs" with the product to enhance that vision. Since I don't have a magical process to imbue clothing with scent, a plain old spray-bottle will do, for the nonce.

Corduroy jacket with leather patches - "Eau du tabac et brandie".

Superbowl Sweatshirt - Fresh hops

Little Black Number - Chanel#5 (okay that's pretty well baked, but just for convenience...)

Blue Jeans/Jacket - Leather

Plaid Quilted Shirt - Pineforest

Anthing Polyester - Ass

FlyingToaster, Apr 30 2008

Variable version http://www.smartsec...secondskindress.htm
"interactive fabric emitting a selection of scents depending on your mood" [angel, Apr 30 2008]


       This is an idea for selling clothing together with perfume.
daseva, Apr 30 2008

       I have yet to like a scent made by a designer (or, more accurately, labelled by a designed), so I don't have high hopes for this in practice.
DrCurry, Apr 30 2008

       [daseva] not really, the scent is for the clothing, not the person.
FlyingToaster, Apr 30 2008

       [+] Isn't this somewhat baked already? I mean I understand what the author is expressing, however, it seems very similar to what fashion and clothing designers do already.
Jscotty, May 01 2008

       I mention nothing of who (or what) receives the scent. My point is that this is an idea for a combination product and not for imbuing clothing with scent as the title implies. [-] for careless title.
daseva, May 01 2008

       [daseva] second paragraph edited; read it.   

       The original idea was part of the "Emergency Dryer", ie: add a bit of scent to the hot air drying the clothing... but the ideas stand better separately, IMHO.
FlyingToaster, May 01 2008


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