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Scented Water Supply

Include various "scents" in the water supply
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What better way to lift the spirits of the community by including a lovely scent in the local water supply, particularly on special occasions.

Take Valentine's Day for instance - you wake up, force yourself out of bed, and begin your regular morning routine, having forgotten about the special day. You turn on the tap, and the sweet smell of rosewater hits you - "Oh, it's Valentine's Day!". Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, etc. could all have their own unique scents.

Of course, the scents would be completely non-toxic and not too pervasive (Rosewater would be perfect). It would be nice, since anywhere you use water would possess the lovely scent - the bathroom sink, the kitchen, the shower, the toilet, and so on.

Achenar, Jun 24 2005


       And today, it smells of fish.
angel, Jun 24 2005

       Mine smells of chlorine.
coprocephalous, Jun 24 2005

       I hope your tap water doesn't smell of chlorine. Do you mean fluoride?
angel, Jun 24 2005

       Nope, AFAIK, most of the water I drink is disinfected with chlorine or chlorine compounds. There is often a faint residual smell.
coprocephalous, Jun 24 2005

       Why not instead have piped muzak? I'm sure that transducers at the local pumping stations could ensure that, on Valentine's day, your pipes would resonate to the sound of something appropriately gushy.
[-], btw.
Basepair, Jun 24 2005

       Don't forget to dye it pink.
Worldgineer, Jun 24 2005

       What about people in fortunate countries that might want to drink the water?
gnomethang, Jun 25 2005

       what about hangover scent??
TheZoo, Oct 29 2008

       Mine often smells of chlorine too. (I drink bottled water)
superjohn, Oct 30 2008

       What about those of us that drink from the tap?
MikeD, Oct 31 2008

       Hmmm... I just changed from [-] to [+]. Interesting what 3 years must have done to my outlook, but I like this idea now.   

       But I still think you should dye it pink.
Worldgineer, Nov 03 2008


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