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Tracing poisons

Dye-capsule tracks truck-spill
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Every day world-wide, increasing numbers of trucks loaded with poisonous chemicals spill their loads near waterways as a result of crashing.

I visualise a compulsorily fitted system which causes a container to release during the crash, a quantity of harmless but powerful dye [plus a radioactive additive?].

Leakage into waterways - and human bodies - might be more easily dealt with than at present.

foo, Sep 28 2002


       Actually a rather good idea. You would have to ensure that the trace bore the same general physical and chemical characteristics as what they were tracing, to ensure that they floated just as far downstream, for example.   

       Milk*Bonz for you.
Peal-n-Eat_Shrimp, Sep 28 2002


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