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Schnitzel Sabre

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A well sharpened cutlass of veal, usually seasoned, that is dipped in batter and fried.
benfrost, Jul 01 2006

wear a glove Cheese_20Gauntlet
[jaksplat, Dec 31 2008]

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       useful for fighting off vegetarian pirates.
tcarson, Jul 01 2006

       mmm... delicious
javajean, Jul 01 2006

       For those on a trans-fat free diet you could offer a lite sabre.   

       Useful for sword swallowers!
bungston, Jul 02 2006

       YaaaaaHarrrrrrr ! [+]
monojohnny, Jul 02 2006

       <removes trusty beef bayonet from concealed inner leg holster...>   


ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 02 2006

       *bites off part of blade* GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!   

       oh dear... metal...   

       *sword is sliced up... along with me*
jabberbox, Jul 02 2006

       "Veal my wrath!"
bungston, Jul 02 2006

       How can I make my own Damascus Schnitzel Sabre you ask? Why, simply beat your meat!
wittyhoosier, Jul 03 2006


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