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Schrödinger's Inbox

For Loyal Citizens Everywhere
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Really, Inbox Zero is soooo last year. Now, it's all about email that may or may not be monitored by the NSA.

Really, our solution is going to be quite's simple.

You open your email.

You then have the following scenarios:

1. The cat is alive. Perhaps walking on a piano. The NSA is clearly monitoring your email. But hey, at least the cat is alive.
2. The cat is dead. The NSA is clearly monitoring your email. But hey, at least the cat is dead.
3. There is no cat. Sorry, you do not rate monitoring by the NSA.

Click here for the FAQs, written by Heisenberg

theircompetitor, Jun 07 2013


Wrongfellow, Jun 07 2013

       I assume the "principle" behind this is that if someone snoops in your inbox, they will collapse the uncertainty, but I can't figure out how scenario 3 could happen. It seems that if no one had snooped, the cat would still be there, and you unfortunately wouldn't know whether it lived/died when you looked or when someone else looked.
scad mientist, Jun 07 2013

       Uh oh, the inbox collapsed! The cat is flat and the NSA blinked out of existence.   

       Dang, that sympathetic harmonic resonance is a bitch.
Grogster, Jun 07 2013

       I have planted bolts and nails in fertilizer with plenty of nitrate. I'm alarmed to see they don't grow; and they probably wouldn't, even in popular tourist areas in the USA. But I guess it doesn't cost a bomb to try.   

       There, I've just improved your hit rate.
Ling, Jun 08 2013

       When I clicked on the FAQ, nothing happened. The cat that owns Heisenberg must have intercepted your FAQ writing request and the check. Wonder... is he is in a box or not? (Heisenberg, not the cat.)
popbottle, Jun 08 2013

       I'm presuming you're following this one up with the Shoedinger bank account, that appears to be have money on payday, then the next time you look it's completely empty?   

       No, wait, I have one of those already.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 08 2013

       If Schrödinger's bank account was getting royalties for each trademarked mention, he'd be doing ok :)
theircompetitor, Jun 08 2013

       All your ... uh, there's a stick in this box. I expected my boomerang back.
reensure, Jun 09 2013


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