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encrypted 2d code

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if you are leader of a dirty commie party, and you want to communicate with a person who is paranoid that you are compromised. (and doesn't want to give you his identity)

You simply type up a message, and encoded it using a program that displays the message as a pgp encrypted 'qr code'.

What do you do with this? you stick it on your commie poster, and post it outside where he can see it.

For him to read the message, all he has to do is point his Iphone to the 2d code, and decrypt it using his key (that he sent to them).


This idea uses two programs.

A program for the organization, that encrypts the content first, then prints out a 2d code.

A freely available (doesn't exist yet though) 2d code reader, that can decrypt the content using the correct 'key'.

mofosyne, Jun 29 2010

Wikipedia: Numbers station http://en.wikipedia...iki/Numbers_station
How communication with undisclosed recipients has been done for the last couple of decades. [jutta, May 28 2011]


       So they can track him by finding where the key was sent from? Or by placing hidden cameras around the poster site?
pocmloc, Jun 29 2010

       — pocmloc   

       if they want to put cameras on a poster, they are going to have to monitor every single posters in the area. This is since, the guy could potentially take a photo of the code anywhere the poster is. (An org is likely to put this in their magazine, or in one of their many posters around the place.   

       As for how the 'organization' gets the guy's 'public key', they get it like any organizations. Via sneaky transfer of letters to their office, done anonymously.   

       Its easier for an individual to send an org undetected, compared to an org, trying to contact the same guy.
mofosyne, Jun 29 2010

       a commie-delimited file?
pertinax, Jun 29 2010

       Seems extremely complicated for no reason. Also, no TRUE commie would ever be caught with an iPhone
William II, Jun 29 2010

       — William II   

       maybe it could be done as a program for the 'socialist' friendly android phone. (afterall, its uses commie linux)   

       scratching that, you can even use java, which works on most phones anyway
mofosyne, Jun 30 2010

       //a commie-delimited file?//   

       [pertinax], I raise my hat to you.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 28 2011

       // commie linux //   

       [Akimbomidget], your're going to be in soooo much trouble when the Revolution comes ....
8th of 7, May 28 2011

       [Akimbomidget] has obviously read the GNU Manifesto.   

       (Yes, I realize GNU's not Linux either.)
mouseposture, May 28 2011

       it doesnt really offer any non repudiation though. how does the paranoid guy know that you willfully encrypted the poster? or that your code wasn't broken and then appropriated by the good guys? i
bob, May 29 2011


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