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Science of lying

Combining public opinion and statistic
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Statistics is known as the art of lying. Another approach would be to develop a science of lying combining statistics and public opinion data. Public opinions are of course also an art of lying. Opinion eg. in a survey, that are not reflected in statistics, are lies. The scientific approach could be to gather lying data from public opinions surveys that are not reflected in statistics to get a pool data of lying in different media (spoken language (telephone), face mimics, written language (in questionaires)).

Public opinion agencies could use this to fork raw survey data into lie data and true data (by combining the science of lying and ´the art of lying´). Maybe they are already doing this?

badger, Dec 11 2000

http://en.wikipedia...Lie_with_Statistics [pertinax, Sep 03 2007]

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       Actually, statistics is just one subset of the art of lying.   

       There are already people who look at statistics and debunk them. But you should continue in your research and aid them.
Vance, Jan 29 2001

       There are three types of statisticians: Those who can count and those who can't.
bonkers777, Jan 01 2009


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