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Scrabble Dictionary

A dictionary that dictates if a word is proper or not in Scrabble
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Often when I play Scrabble, there comes arguments if a word is ok or not.... having a dedicated dictionary for the game would be great!
Thrust, May 12 2019

There are many. For example: https://www.amazon....66&s=gateway&sr=8-1
[MaxwellBuchanan, May 12 2019]


Voice, May 12 2019

       A dictionarty - great idea - but what is it?
xenzag, May 12 2019

       A book that tells you how to enunciate statements on Art, shirley ?   

       Logically, there should also be a Reverse Scrabble Dictionary which consists of just the definitions without the words.
8th of 7, May 12 2019

       Like rhyming dictionaries are sorted by (reverse) soundex/phonemes so words which rhyme are near eachother. I suppose that though it wouldn't take much to sort by word-score (easy to do with an app, which you could identify letter/word scores), it wouldn't be in the spirit of the game
Dub, May 12 2019


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