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Spin-The-Bottle dating game

Break the ice with this imtimacy building dating game
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Spin-the-Bottle Dating Game takes its cue from all the classic sophomore sex exploration games and combines them into one integrated board game. Doctor, Truth or Dare, and, of course, Spin the Bottle. A strip poker element can be added by reversing the board.

But wait, is this a fool or a prince(s) you're kissing? Non-contact game sequences allow you to learn more details about your "opponents" character and dating/sexual history. Great for bars, dorm rooms and young adults who don't know your children. Not recommended for marriage counseling. STB is for 2-6 players and comes with board, bottle, truth or dare cards and 6 game pieces.

jackottabox, Oct 14 2003

Spin the Bottle Drinking Game http://www.boardgames.com/spinbottle.html
This is tame compared to STB dating game [jackottabox, Oct 04 2004]


       Is there any way you can hybridize in "Twister" and "Operation"? Maybe even "Hungry Hungry Hippo"?
bungston, Oct 15 2003

       Help me out. Are there other games like STB, Doctor and Truth or Dare?
jackottabox, Oct 15 2003

       Something tells me that Spin the Bottle played with just two players would be slightly predictable.
squeak, Oct 15 2003

       You've got a good point about two players. However, gratification may be delayed if you land on: "You see your mom and dad getting jiggy with it - you decide to practice abstinence for the next 3 moves."
jackottabox, Oct 15 2003


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