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Cross between Stratego and Chess played with Cards
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Use a standard deck of cards and a 4X5 checkered board with squares the size of your cards.

Deal 10 cards (you can vary this number as you wish) face down to each person. Put the remaining cards face down in a pile next to the board. You may look at your cards all the time. Orient board as shown. Choose 5 of your cards and place them face down onto the five spaces directly in front of you.

Person 1 ________ |_|_|_|_| |_|_|_|_| |_|_|_|_| |_|_|_|_|

Person 2

When both players are ready, turn cards face up on the board. You will need something to distinguish between your cards from your opponents cards, so place something on top of all of your cards. Leave your opponents cards plain. Each player then takes turns alternately.


One turn involves: -movement of a card/piece -placing a card on the board (optional)

Stage 1: Movement -You must move every turn - 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,K, and A: move one space in any direction (up, down, left, right, or diagonal) - Q: moves like a queen in chess - J: moves like a knight in chess (3X2 in any direction)

Attacks: - when you move, you may move into any empty square or you may attack - when attacking, the generally the card with the highest point value wins: ~ 4-10 = number value ~ J=11, Q=12, K=13 -Special cases (this is what makes the game fun!!) ~ A always wins when they attack and lose when attacked ~ J always wins when attacking, point value counts when attacked ~ 2 always beats anything equal to or above value of 13 ~ 3 is weird, I'll get to that later - When you win an attack, you pick a new card from the pile and add it to your hand

Stage 2: Placement of cards -At the END of a turn, you may place ONE card only form you hand onto ANY empty square -You may not have more that 5 total cards on the board at once (You may NOT place a card if you have 5 cards in play)

Special 3 rule: -you may place a 3 onto any card in play -This increases the value of that card by 3 points -All other properties of that card are retained -The 3 DOES count as one of your 5 cards -3’s MUST be played onto other pieces -I call the new card a Queen-3 or 10-3 -Multiple 3’s may be placed on a card (ex. Queen-3-3, value 18) -Recall that 2’s can kill anything of value 13 or higher ~a Q is invulnerable to 2’s, but a Q-3 is not.

Game End: -when one player runs out of cards on the board

***This game requires a rather large playing board that you most likely have to make on oyur own. If anyone has a way to make it smaller, please, write to this site.

Zazzman, Dec 14 2002


       I think George Dubya invented this one
DaGreengo, Oct 16 2003

       Here's a way to make it smaller: buy those really small cards at the dollar store.
croissantz, Jul 18 2004

       Scrabble tiles with suit and rank instead of letters would do it, be more durable and be more tactile.
JeremiahBritt, Jan 25 2005


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