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Screaming Clothes Peg

Clothes Peg that Screems when wet
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A clothes peg - or adaptor to a clothes peg that contains relevent electronics to allow it to screem when wet - e.g. when it is raining. It would be of simple and cheap construction - battery, transistors,op-amps and a buzzer - could even have a solar cell for charging. When it starts raining resitance between to points on a simple circuit change and set off the buzzer - alternatively this could be triggered by increase in humidity-decrease in light level etc. Benifit - your clothes tell you when it starts to rain
Osborn, May 30 2002

a quieter solution http://www.halfbake...ing-line_20umbrella
has anyone made one yet? [rbl, May 30 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Try this http://www.gisborne.../home/sis1.htm#RAIN
[angel, May 30 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       (*Ahem*...screeming? benifit? relevent? resitance?)
mcscotland, May 30 2002

       But surely it will scream as you hang up the (presumeably) wet clothes?
drew, May 30 2002

       I envisage this as a drop of water completing a circuit. The connection points could be in that part of the peg that faces upward, away from the clothes.
stupop, May 30 2002

       The screeming could be - a siren, buzzer, etc. Would only screem if the sensor touched the wet clothes
Osborn, May 30 2002

       I would love to see a picture of this, 50 little clothes pegs all out in a downpour, screeming away.
rbl, May 30 2002

       hilarious at night, when every peg in the district goes off. BTW I always bring my pegs in at night time as little wee spiders love to get in them for shelter. ah bless
po, May 30 2002

       You'd only need one (no point having them all screaming), but you'd need to ensure that you actually use *this* peg when you only have one or two items on the line. Why not have a screaming clothes line instead?
angel, May 30 2002

       A screaming clothes line would only stop screming once the rain stopped and had dried up. A screaming clothes peg and be taken indoors and dried to stop it screaming.
[ sctld ], May 30 2002

       On/Off switch?
drew, May 30 2002

       Then you would need elecrticity running out to your clothes line, or whurlygig, which could be in a communal space. Also, if you switched it off, due to absent mindedness of people, it may not be switched back on again.
[ sctld ], May 30 2002

       A screaming clothes line could be mounted on a bracket which would detect when something was pegged onto it, and switch on its screaminess accordingly.
angel, May 30 2002

       ike some sort of tension sensor. Would work, yes. I still prefer the compact simplicity of the clothes peg idea though, 'cause you can use that peg when you are on your hols, but you can't bring a fitted bracket and clothes line with you.
[ sctld ], May 30 2002

       bonus: everytime a bird lands on the clothesline the line would screem.( bliss: just now finally got it, took a while)
rbl, May 30 2002

       [sctld]: Seems like you are going to require electricity in some form to power the screaminess. Battery devices have on/off switches too. I was considering the potential life expectancy of a screaming clothes peg with no off switch. Percussive silencing would probably be used. Hard.   

       The birds don't land on the line here - they just 'bomb' them from on high, as some sort of protest, I think. Generally makes hanging clothes out fairly pointless.
drew, May 30 2002

       As the poster says, they will be solar powered, so there should be little problem.
[ sctld ], May 30 2002

       I'll vote for anything that involves getting attention. Croissant.
SeattleBrad, May 31 2002

       I know a girl that doesn't like getting rained on. Peg the screaming clotheshorse.
FarmerJohn, May 31 2002

       rbl and po's anno's swing it for me. +
DrBob, Jan 30 2003

       In addition to screaming, it should vibrate wildly. Flashing lights could also be incorporated. They would need to be bright, to shine through the clothes.
bungston, Jan 30 2003


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