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Screen flash error notification

Error signal like being shot in a first person shooter.
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It's kinda baked. Apple OSX has a flashing screen function hidden somwhere in the ‘Universal Access’ preference panel, which works very nice. The whole screen lights up shortly, fading in and out very fast. I like it. It resembles a visual representaion of a small pain, like the way it feels when being slapped in the face.

This reminded me of how being shot in some first person shooters is being visualised. The screen flashes red, and after a few hits the overall hue becomes redder and opaquer. This strikingly adequate represenation of pain, would be a good indicator of your systems health, and/or the seriousness of the problem.

Ehrm, Dec 20 2005


       As someone who empathizes with his machines to a disturbing extent, I like this idea.   

       On the other hand, I don't know how many of the sane people out there would actually *want* error messages to hit them *harder*.
Psudomorph, Jul 12 2007

       Anyone old enough to remember playing Gauntlet in the Arcades? Prehaps the Red flash accompanied with a deep booming voice announcing "Processor is about to die.."
S-note, Jul 12 2007

       "Processor needs food, badly!"   

       User edges away from suddenly open drive tray.
pertinax, Jul 12 2007


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