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Taxidermy Wigs

Spruce up that old hunting trophy.
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I don't condone hunting for the purpose of trophy collecting, though some of my friends pursue the sport. What's done is done, I suppose, but most taxidermy I encounter is very bland. I see enough dead animals on the road that to see a deer head mounted on the wall, apart from being tragic and absurd, is pretty boring. If, however, the deer sported, say, an Afro wig, I might take up a rifle. Imagine polar bears with mullets, peacocks with rainbow liberty spikes, or moose (meese, or is it mooses?) with lush dreadlocks. Casual experimentation (much to the chegrin of my friend) has proven human wigs insufficient. Even the largest human head pales in comparison to that of an 8-point buck, and thus, we need bigger wigs that not only accommodate the size, but provide for seamless integration of natural features such as horns and antlers. Fish taxidermy might include sideburns or king tut beards, which look amusing in profile.
tourist, Nov 09 2005

Extreme Taxidermy http://www.roguetax...rs_detail.php?id=83
A craft for the 21st Century. And many more in Google.

P.S. These images are not for the faint-hearted, nor those eating lunch. [DrCurry, Nov 09 2005]


       Um, why do you need your rifle for roadkill?   

       There is a whole group of taxidermists out there using roadkill in bizarre ways - the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists. You should look into that before suggesting something as mundane as wigs.
DrCurry, Nov 09 2005

       Yes, I am aware of these guys, but they tend to focus on a dark, ghastly mutant style, wheras I'm going for a zany "Hanna Barbera" look. Like the inverse of what furries do - real animals wearing fake human adornments.
tourist, Nov 09 2005

       oh wigs for dead animals. I thought you were going to suggest dead animals for wigs. either way, its pretty dismal.
po, Nov 09 2005

       tourist: now *that* is an interesting idea - Hanna Barbera taxidermy - stuffed animals puffed up to look like cartoons, with suitably goggly eyes. Get your late lamented moggy back as Garfield, etc.
DrCurry, Nov 09 2005

       I like the fish with the king tut beard. I picture a swordfish or wahoo.
bungston, Nov 10 2005

       I like this - offering myself to be stuffed and mounted. Will rest easy in the thought that my face could be peeled off and stretched over the head of stuffed poodle, and placed in the hall way beside the hat stand. +
xenzag, Jan 23 2006


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