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Screw Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Screw 'em.
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Use Delete+(`). Just as unlikely to hit by accident, easier to press on purpose.
notmarkflynn, Dec 20 2005

keyboard rundown http://en.wikipedia...iki/Keyboard_layout
Wiki keyboard woffle [alien_val, Dec 21 2005]

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       No, because you need two hands for that. Ctrl-alt-delete can be pressed by a war veteran who suffered an injury while risking his Life to save our Country, provided his remaining hand is average or larger size.
phundug, Dec 20 2005

       Foiled again.
notmarkflynn, Dec 20 2005

       I need two hands to press ctrl+alt+delete   

       ctrl = bottom left hand side of my keyboard.
alt = bit more to the right of bottom left hand side of my keyboard
and Delete is almost to the right most point at the top of my keyboard.
po, Dec 20 2005

       You don't have two control and alt. buttons?
notmarkflynn, Dec 20 2005

       I'd completely forgotten about the Alt Gravé button.   

       even so, thats a really difficult twisty hand manoeuvre.
po, Dec 21 2005

       I'll show (tell) you how I do it, [po]:   

       Right Alt = Right index finger Right Ctrl = Right ring finger Delete = Right pinkie
Honduras, Dec 21 2005

       my fingers just will not bend like that...   

       after re-booting...   

       hey, they might with practice but I hardly think its worth the hassle.
po, Dec 21 2005

       You could just mash your hand on the right side of the keyboard and it would probably work.
phundug, Dec 21 2005

       What is the Alt Grave/ for?   

       Also, I can see no real point in this idea.
miasere, Dec 21 2005

       You know, that's what I was trying to say, but I couldn't quite get it across. Can this be marked for deletion or something?
Honduras, Dec 21 2005

       //What is the Alt Grave/ for// I always thought it was "Alt Gr(aphics)"
coprocephalous, Dec 21 2005

       It's for typing characters like é and è in romance languages like French, Spanish and Italian. The French AZERTY keyboard has 3 characters on the number keys along the top of the keyboard. Use shift for the desired number and Alt Gr for the other character on the key. Default is the character on the bottom left of the key rather than the number. Not sure it used by Anglosaxon QWERTY types for anything.
alien_val, Dec 21 2005

       I think it's Alt Graphics. I don't have it on my keyboard.   

       I do have a "SysRq" key, but I never use it because those five letters hardly ever come up all in a row.
phundug, Dec 21 2005

       Ah! A unique feature on the new keyboards, in which you dig your thumbnail into a screw on a keyboard, and twist, thereby activating Ctrl, Alt, & Del.
DesertFox, Dec 21 2005

       How about a cover for the keyboard, which has three fingers inside at the right places?   

       On top of the cover is a big mushroom head, which is connected to the fingers.   

       To re-boot, hit the mushroom hard with a big hammer.
Ling, Dec 22 2005


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