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Need to get clean after all the porn.
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Re-format your hard drive with out losing, or having to remove, any data. The operating system would have a secure file in which you would store all important programs and data. The computer would then re-format the rest of the hard drive. Better than a virus scan or spyware killers. All you would do is move important information to the secure file and then the rest of the info on the hard drive would be wipped out. Of course this couldnt be done on any windows operating system but perhaps linux could be devolped to run this way.

Problems of course would be knowledge of the user. The dumbass may put a virus into the secure folder. The key to this is that the only programs installed would be out of the box or from a known soure. And it would have to be paired with a good firewall. All caches and file register

Thus would eliminate all viruses and the need for virus scan. 3 filters. A seperate computer acting as a firewall, then your hardrive, and at the center the secure folder.

Antegrity, Sep 19 2005


       Oh. I thought you ment...uh, never mind...
DrCurry, Sep 20 2005

       two comments and 3 fishbones. If you have comments, please make them.
Antegrity, Sep 20 2005

       Make me!
blissmiss, Sep 20 2005

       There are better ways to keep a computer clean. Just one of the 1,000 ways of doing this better than what you are suggesting: Boot from CD and use ram as the drive (Knoppix Linux Distro) ... and if you need your files from time to time store them on a removable USB flash drive and remove it when doing something dangerous. [-]
ixnaum, Sep 20 2005


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