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remote repair

Computer repaired by remote person/system
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This feature already exists to some extent but it needs special software such as PC anywhere installed, as well as the ability to turn off the power and turn it on a certain times. If a computer manufacturer could develop a software package, separate from the operating system, which allowed for remote repair (no matter how corrupt the rest of the computer was), it would drastically change the computer technical support structure. Right now they make you call and wait on hold for hours and then talk to somebody who eventually tells you to reformat your hard drive. With remote repair they merely ask you to set the permissions for what folders they can look at, ie systems folders, and ask you not to use your computer from 9-11 am, on Tuesday, or whenever the hell they have time for you. Then, after 11 am on Tuesday, you turn on your computer and presto, it works! This would cost money but I can't see it costing more than it does now, especially if they could design a system to search and correct the files that have been corrupted. This could allow them to get rid of many support staff, which would make the service almost free.
murphy, Jul 05 2002


       Well as you say, Baked.
[ sctld ], Jul 05 2002

       i wonder how long it would be before a virus was written for this software?
chud, Jul 05 2002

       This sounds like an operating system that can be shut down or updated component by component and administered remotely.   

       Being a Windows user I can't say this for sure, but this does sound like unix.
st3f, Jul 05 2002

       //This could allow them to get rid of many support staff, which would make the service almost free.//
Pretend it's all said and done. What's in it for the service provider?
thumbwax, Jul 06 2002


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