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Scuba Light Mask

Scuba mask with lights in the corners
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Like those glasses dj's wear (e.g Orbital) except as a mask for scuba use. Ideal for murky, deep or night dives. The battery pack could sit in ones BCD. I googled, I couldn't find, but shirley it must be baked ?
nichpo, Oct 02 2003

Probably not suitable for real scuba diving http://www.poolcent...oltoy_aqualight.jpg
But, it is a mask with lights [half, Oct 05 2004]


       *cough* Ahem. Excuse me.
nichpo, Oct 02 2003

       ahem, yes. good idea. I did a quick looksee. it appears that divers rely on torches. +1
po, Oct 02 2003

       Thanks [po] I knew you'd take pity on me.
nichpo, Oct 02 2003

       Prob is, light source from viewing area tends to reflect off particles and create a haze. Better to have light source away/in large halo around receiving point. ? Use seawater wetcells -aluminum - shut off automatically in ocean.
dinosnider, Oct 02 2003

       There are some models with Bright LEDs mounted in the forehead area, but LED light spreads bad under water. Great idea though. One less thing to carry underwater is always a welcome prospect. Would a light on your reg be an option. Seems bulky.?.
chrissayre, Feb 29 2004


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