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Unemployed Interior Decorator Gangs

nomadic bands of semi-criminal specialist paint-effect experts
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There seemed to be a trend in interior design in the 80's for specialist paint effects liks rag-rolling, stenciling, stippling, marble or wood simulations, etc. Now that this trend has passed it's only a matter of time before these highly trained experts in these various paint techniques move from sniffing paint thinner in semi-criminal destitution and squalor to roaming the streets in gangs, locked in bitter warfare expressed through the 'dissing' of each others' chosen paint technique - aggressively doing a bit of floral stenciling over the top of another gang's rag-rolling, for example.
hippo, Mar 09 2006

Or they could retrain for this... Grafitti_20R_20Us
[egbert, Mar 10 2006]


       <sings>Yes I do, yesidoyesidoyesidooooo! </sings>
hippo, Mar 09 2006

       Would they join forces if faced with a criminal gang of unemployed shoulder-pad-manufacturers?
spinglespangle, Mar 09 2006

       City beautification, or gagification?
RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2006

       [spingle] That reminds me - in the early 90's I lived in Hackney in north London. Leaving my house one morning I found the road to the station blocked by an enormous pile of shoulder pads.
hippo, Mar 10 2006

       They could wall paper the Tate Modern to make it look like it was covered in the crap stone work that working class people used to get conned into having applied to the outside of their Victorian brick terraces. We would have had it too, only we was too poor to afford it - sniff sniff and have a bun +
xenzag, Mar 10 2006

       "Omigod, sob, someone just marbled the hallway!"
DrCurry, Mar 10 2006

       I like it. There's already a group that hovers on the edge of this though... see www.cityrepair.org
rossgk, Mar 10 2006

       Armand prepared for his evening out. <Bee Gees "Night Fever" plays softly in background> His wardrobe was Tommy Hilfiger, his cologne was George Michael, his attitude was Joan Rivers. Before he left his room he took up the tools of his trade - a natural sea sponge, some shiny mylar film, and a book of swatches. He was ready. Ready to redecorate.   

       As he crossed the street someone called out "Hey, Bobby!"   

       "It's Armand," he snarled back, bringing an Elvis-like curl to his upper lip.   

       Julio was a young wannabe decorator. All he had with him tonight was slightly-cracked old number 6 Winton Boar brush and a Debbie Travis smile. Armand liked Julio because he was reminded of himself as a struggling young decorator, coming to terms with his chosen avocation.   

       Together, the lads rounded the corner into the night, into a world where proponents of faux suede and Laura Ashley chintz fought tooth and nail against the return of art deco lacquered finishes and retro-modern revivalism. Yes, interior design is H-E-double-toothpicks.
Canuck, Mar 10 2006

       Love the Debby Travis reference. Talk about retro! bobz
bobzaguy, Mar 10 2006


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