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Whale matrix

use whales to desalinate ocean water
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Whales are very large organisms that live in salt water. However, they need water. They employ some mechanism like active transport to get rid of all the salt ions, which is much more efficient than anything we have made for the same purpose.

Construct the Matrix, but for whales. Have them all desalinating water in a protected little bay, while we let them imagine themselves swimming out in the ocean, and provide them with food and air. Just ensure that they don't wake up and sink all of our ships...

spew, Jan 29 2002

http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/ [technobadger, Jan 29 2002]


       Look at his last name -- mmhmm
thumbwax, Jan 30 2002

       This would take too long, my species needs fatted whale meat NOW!
reensure, Jan 31 2002

       //in a protected little bay//   

       They need to EAT! You will wear yourself out, trawling the sea for whatever it is stuff that they feed on.   

       Would be much easier to use all that energy in a conventional desalinating plant.   

       Any figures on the efficiency, [spew]?
neelandan, Feb 01 2002

       { neelandan } who needs to travel anywhere for thier food? if they are only thinking they are free we could feed them anything to keep them alive.   

       an a negative note. how do we obtain de-salted water from the little fishies again?
I2RI, May 26 2003


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