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Seamus O'Tokyo's Aran Sweater

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Aran sweaters are capable of storing complex, multi-layered structures in their knitted patterns. (see link for example). This means that they are the perfect material and process for making up Seamus O'Tokyo's Aran Sweater

This sweater's job is to enable sense to be made and retained of the Tokyo subway system. For those unfamiliar with the system, little of it is labeled in English, much of it being in Kanji script.

Seamus O'Tokyo's Aran Sweater has stored in its knitted construction the entire subway map, complete with multi layered junctions, so the savvy wearer can easily navigate the system, using nothing more than his or her's Aran sweater. The arms serve the two main airports. The front depicts the subway routes, and the back the local train lines.

xenzag, Jun 28 2012

(?) Aran construction http://www.google.c...6;d|lfPd4jIVSN0z2M:
[xenzag, Jun 28 2012, last modified Jun 29 2012]

(?) Kanji version http://www.google.c...3;d|LvGhjXLvbC2QvM:
[xenzag, Jun 28 2012]

Not really related, except insofar as important information is encoded in knitwear http://sonderbooks.com/blog/?p=843
[calum, Jun 28 2012]

Aran construction http://www.google.c...an+sweater+close+up
You need to clear your session info from the links... [mitxela, Jun 29 2012]

Kanji version http://www.google.c...yo+subway+map+kanji
[mitxela, Jun 29 2012]

Working Kanji version... http://www.tokyomet.../station/index.html
..all quite clear for the reader... [not_morrison_rm, Jun 30 2012]


       What if it's hot out?
Alterother, Jun 28 2012

       If I was in Tokyo I wouldn't be posting here.
Phrontistery, Jun 28 2012

       links didn't work for me...but I like the idea. +
xandram, Jun 28 2012

       You knit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2012

       //If I was in Tokyo I wouldn't be posting here.// Why not - is there a better place to post in Tokyo?
xenzag, Jun 28 2012

       //is there a better place to post in Tokyo   

       A post office?   

       Strictly speaking, if you learn the kanji for middle, new, north, east, south,west, bridge and ricefield, you've pretty much got a handle on 90% of station names in Tokyo. For example, Nihonbashi (sun book last char - bridge) Tabata (first and last chars - ricefield) Shinjuku (first char - new).   

       If you went onto the kanji for hand and town you get the interestingly named Otamachi (lit. "big hand town") but discrete observation of the natives seems not to provide any evidence of larger hands on the residents..
not_morrison_rm, Jun 29 2012

       //links didn't work for me...but I like the idea. // try first link now.... Replaced it with a different one.
xenzag, Jun 29 2012

       One (working) link to Nihongo version of Tokyo tube map.   

       You can see Shinjuku quite clearly marked on the left and you can just about make out Akihabara on the far right-hand side.   

       Quite clear, don't know what all the fuss is about..
not_morrison_rm, Jun 30 2012


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