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Search Engine Telepathy

what you'll be googling for tomorrow
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warning : JesusHChrist inspired idea

Jesus was just mentioning Google Psychiatrist, where good analyses the stuff you're searching for. I wonder whether a search engine might be able to go one better and predict what you're likely to be searching for tomorrow.. bare with me..

If a search engine has a sufficient pool of searchers, then you could put together a 'people that searched for this also searched for this' type search. Therefore a 'people that search for x one day and searched for y the next often came to be searching for z a few weeks later approach and a statement like [neilp] who's already searched for x and y would surely be interested in z' would be possible.

P.S. it's obviously not telepathy in any sense of the word I know.

neilp, Mar 14 2005

Google Zeitgeist http://www.google.c...ress/zeitgeist.html
What everyone is seaching for. [hippo, Mar 14 2005]


       [hippo] I'm a big fan of zeitgeist, and buzz, the yahoo equivalent, however I want to know what <i>I</i> will be searching for in the future, assuming my searching and everyone elses is distinct.
neilp, Mar 14 2005

       So how does this play out? You go to Google one day and it says something like, "according to your search history, people like you who searched for 'cantaloupe' two weeks ago and 'fire retardant pyjamas' last week are likely to be searching for 'Bruce Willis' this week" and pre-fills the search box for you?   

       That would be mighty annoying. I can't imagine there is a level of commonality to such things to the extent it would ever be remotely useful.
waugsqueke, Mar 14 2005

       Sorta like the Amazon feature, I guess. I have to side with waugs in this - that annoys me more than helps me.   

       (I remember at one point, Amazon suggested that people who bought the history book I was buying at the time also bought pink ladies' underwear - never did quite get the connection.)
DrCurry, Mar 14 2005

       I think Google does this now.
notexactly, Oct 01 2019


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