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Chat with people searching for same keywords.
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How about a searchengine that can connect me to the people searching for same or similar keywords. We can help eachother other out on our findings. Its like a live search buddy.
my2cents, Jan 20 2005

(??) search chat http://www.chatnsearch.com/
chat search url [my2cents, Jan 20 2005]


       i don't want to meet the people who share the same search words as myself.
benfrost, Jan 20 2005

       nor me! want to meet the people who share the same search words as benfrost - that is.
po, Jan 20 2005

gnomethang, Jan 20 2005

       Interesting how frequently you would encounter people searching for the same. Let Y be the number of people it is most probable to meet, and X be the search expression or word, in a probability descending order.   

       I wonder why wouldn't [benfrost] want to meet such people. I think it is okay, as far as searching and chatting is anonymous.
Inyuki, Jan 20 2005

       Cool! I knew I was not alone when I came up with this idea. Check out http://www.chatnsearch.com/ . Not sure why google didnt rank them at the top.
my2cents, Jan 20 2005

       www.chatnsearch.com is lacking popularity. But it _would_ work if it was made by Google.
Inyuki, Jan 21 2005

       I just thought of something similar, yesterday - turn your search words and a short critera in to an experienced searcher, have them search for you and report back, a real person search engine. (Height of laziness?, maybe) I like your idea.
athome, Jan 22 2005

       I know nothing of X. So, in searching for X, I meet others who are also searching for X. Some are simple searchers, Boolean in their habits, while others are advanced, yet all can honestly say, “Hell, I didn’t know that either.”
ldischler, Jan 23 2005

       Yeah, I agree it's not the best way to meet people you want.
Inyuki, Jan 23 2005

       //www.chatnsearch.com is lacking popularity.//   

       Then I hope it gets a good amount of attention thanks to this page.   

       One must note, however, how sophisticated such a feature can get. It should be able to not just identify similar sets of words, but utilize some good thesaurus programming in the process of finding fellow searchers. To get more advanced, it could include unique usernames chosen by the searchers, and even link to forum threads on recent or frequent search topics.   

       Considering all the features which one could work into it, it's not suprising that //it _would_ work...//, and work far more powerfully, //...if it was made by Google//.   

       *Thinks into that a little more.* Whoa. Ideally, if this got steered in the right direction, it could be made into one of the enhancements that really streamline the information age. Maybe I'm dreaming too big, but I'm having fun doing it.
Albino Fox, Jan 24 2005

       Like other search methods, this could be easily hijacked by businesses. Searching for "X", you're connected to salesperson @ company "X4U" business who happens to also be "searching" (truly, but just fishing really) and can point you to a "great site they just found!"
sophocles, Jan 24 2005

       yeah, so I don't like ads. But even if you like ads, would you consider a random salesman your buddy? And wouldn't this horribly bias your search rather than improve your search?
sophocles, Feb 23 2005

       I haven't had a proper conversation with someone over 18 in about a fortnight. I'm going nuts. Incidentally, <Sophocles>. Got any pointers on Antigone, I'm doing a version with my students.
etherman, Feb 23 2005

       I wrote antigone thousands of years ago. I have a hard enough time commenting on writings from last month. But, if you're looking for conversation with someone over 18, well, sophocles is 2500 now, so he's your guy.
sophocles, Feb 25 2005

       ChatNSearch.com: How to get an auto loan. Er, please delete the link. Its not relevant anymore.
pashute, Aug 27 2009


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