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Search by file life-history

find it by what you've done with it
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I can't think of a good way to describe this, so I'll give an example:

Looking for that mp3? Can't remember what it's called or who it's by, or where you left it?

"music" {5172 results, arranged by artist}

"internet" ('cos you downloaded it) {1946 results, arranged by download source - website, program used, whatever}

"friday night" ('cos you bagged it at 3 on Saturday morning, when you got back from the club after work) {19 results, arranged by date}

"Simon" (cos you mailed it to your mate when you found it) {2 results}

friendlyfire, Nov 03 2002

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       Some of this can be done now. You can search your computer for every MP3 created after (or between) such and such date(s). I'm betting that would be enough to narrow it down for you.
phoenix, Nov 03 2002

       I have to fess up to finding a lot of missing files by checking my "Sent" email folder.
DrCurry, Nov 03 2002

       No [phoenix]. Even after 8 years, its still not implemented. [Friendly] is talking about the history of usage, so what is needed is an action log of PC usage, not a search in the directories creation date of files (which indicates nothing for our user, who downloaded the file, which was created 12 years ago).   

       BTW about [FFire]... I have 3 personal and (luckily) funny stories about that.
pashute, Aug 08 2010


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