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Search focus on the fly

Suggest better focus for your file or text search on the fly
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While searching the PC - if its a time consuming search: you see it going thru these directories alphabetically, then you suddenly have an idea, that it could be under one of these two directories.

Press the SUGGEST button.

It opens a dialog with:
Reduce search to file types of: ___
Start with these directories: [Folder chooser] (if they were already started theyll be gray)
Additional text: [original text here, you cannot delete it]

Choose the directories to start with and add them. The search skips to those directories and then continues what it was doing.

pashute, Aug 08 2010


       There's the PATH environment variable that already does this for executables, so I don't see why something analogous shouldn't work for documents.
zen_tom, Aug 08 2010

       find me on flickr, I like to focus on a fly.
po, Aug 08 2010


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