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Horizontal Skyscrapers on Sea: Living on the seas isn't as hard as we think. Modify cruize ships a bit, to look architecturally creative like modern buildings, and ship them to mass-orders by future inhabitants on-line.
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Now that Starlink is a thing, and that ships can catch fish, to keep all happy, and trade it for other things, in addition to all kind of intellectual services of the passengers, in practice -- just make a web page to allow for massively ordering such said cruise ships, that look like fancy horizontal skyscrapers, and enjoy the life en route to a variety of places.

Ships that look like skyscrapers, just horizontal -- call them "Seascrapers."

Mindey, Jul 03 2020

The World https://aboardtheworld.com/our-story/
Residents buy their own floating residences. [whatrock, Jul 03 2020]

Hotel Haegumgang https://youtu.be/bzVEnC5LZpc?t=33
A floating hotel. [Mindey, Jul 10 2020]


       Would this idea be a spin on the modern cruise ship, but built as a condo? [link]
whatrock, Jul 03 2020

       Right. Though, doesn't look like a horizontal skyscraper... And registration is not made for mass orders, like groupon.
Mindey, Jul 03 2020

       So if the form factor were skyscraper-shaped, perhaps an elongated shoebox with lots of glass and structural aluminum, would the inhabitants get seasick? And if the structure sprang a leak and sank would you charge more for the units with a reef view?
whatrock, Jul 05 2020

       Should be lighter than air. Now that would be a spectacle.
pashute, Jul 05 2020

       ^Or a lot of quiet energy change.Still spectacular.
wjt, Jul 07 2020


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