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Skip Ahoy

refit standard skips with nautical extras
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In the UK there has been serious and protracted flooding for the past few years. This is a consequence of global warming, so it's bound to get worse. During times of flooding one the few ways of getting around has been to take to boats and canoes, but there simply have not been enough of these.

There are however plenty of skips of every size and shape. (known as dumpsters in some of the colonies). These skips make perfect boats, but for the fact that they lack the provision of anywhere to attach a simple outboard engine.

Skip Ahoy is a refit service for all skips which brings them up to basic boat-worthy standard. It involves welding a bracket unto one end of the skip to which any outboard engine can be attached, and providing a few other fittings such as: some holes along the upper edge which would accommodate a set of rowlocks (for oars); a fixture on the floor into which a sail might be fitted if needed.

None of the extra fittings interfere in any way with the skip's normal operation, but the next time there is a flood, those who have such fitted out skips will be ready for action.

xenzag, Mar 04 2013

Typical Skip http://www.wilsteadskip.org.uk/skip7.jpg
[xenzag, Mar 04 2013]

Luxury skip with inboard motor and spacious cabin accomodation http://thecatswhisk...ay-out-west_16.html
[pocmloc, Mar 04 2013]

Rather more basic version http://formfilms.co.../the-floating-skip/
[pocmloc, Mar 04 2013]


       Don't forget to anchor those skips boys! Otherwise at the onset of such a flood, not only will your household project be temporalily put on hold. Thankfully, all the local skips will be discoverable by simply following the trail of destruction down to the lowest part of town.   

       I wonder what the draught (draft?) is on a common (unladen) 6 yard skip.
zen_tom, Mar 04 2013

       Sheds also should be buoyant.
hippo, Mar 04 2013

       Many sheds are. In northwestern Maine, we have an annual tradition called Finding The Bridge, in which every town's residents gather along the riverbanks after the ice is out and walk downstream in search of the bridge. Many waterfront residents are grateful to the volunteer bridgefinders for the return of wayward sheds, doghouses, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, bewildered livestock, and starry-eyed children found along the way.
Alterother, Mar 04 2013


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