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Secret Documents

Only give programs what they ask for
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The idea of an operating system is to provide resources to applications (amongst other things), so why not introduce a system where each application has to ask for permission to use something.

The idea would be simple, once you have installed your product it'll ask you (the user) permission to access certain resources (e.g. the internet, areas of the registry, etc..). If it doesn't ask it doesn't get access, and if you choose not to let it have access it doesn't exist. This could go for the files as well. You could choose only to give the application to certain folders.

The question about permissions could be written in plain english (e.g. to allow this computer to access the internet, click here, however this does mean personal information could be sent to other computers).

This would certainly slow down viruses and other such things....?

eitsop, Aug 17 2006


       Please checkout the meaning of a firewall.
thepowerofone, Aug 17 2006

       Thats mostly what virus blockers do, but it might be good if it was part of the opperating system.
BJS, Aug 18 2006

       you know, you can set up existing oses to do this as well. there are ways to do it for apple i know for sure. so baked.
tcarson, Aug 18 2006


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