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typewriter OS

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Did you know there is still people who use hardware word processors like the alphasmart neo? Heck some still uses old typewriters!

This is because of minimal distraction. And fast boot time!

However these machines are getting rarer to find.

Netbooks are getting cheaper however, and are often too old to run much else. Why not install a minimalistic OS that replicates the typewriter experience? Boots a minimal fast booting OS that only has a simple wordprocessor, that can save to a USB or sd card, or print to a printer.

mofosyne, Jan 16 2014

Street Typist, NYC http://www.theawl.c...d-then-it-got-worse
[swimswim, Jan 16 2014]

Writer.app http://supertart.co...oftware/Writer.html
A typewriter-like text editor for OS X. It covers up your other windows and disconnects your computer from the internet. You type in a monospace font, and you can’t delete letters, only backspace over them. [Rory O'Kane, May 14 2015]

Label Printer http://www.amazon.c...acity/dp/B00067RIUC
Prints on continuous roll, or die-cut stock. [8th of 7, May 15 2015]


       It's called Linux, and it's Baked.   

       [suggested-for-deletion] WKTE.
8th of 7, Jan 16 2014

       Sorry but Linux can't quite manage the getting the keys jammed, running out of ribbon scenarios.   

       Possibly some USB mini jackhammer could pound the desk in time with your typing for the proper driving the people downstairs completely out of their minds..
not_morrison_rm, Jan 16 2014

       There are internet-only businesses that specialize in obsolete machines, including typewriters and word processors. Just because you don't see them around anymore doesn't mean they're hard to find.
Alterother, Jan 16 2014

       //specialize in obsolete machines,   

       Possibly I count? One Fujitsu FMV-Biblo NB40S laptop, sans dead battery and equally dead hard disk - running off a puppy linux boot cd and USB memory sticks, surf the net, listen to music, watch video, edit graphics..   

       Yeah, it's easy to find really old word processors over here, but they are more for collectors, some are like 250 quid-ish. You can go down the corner shop and buy audio and video cassettes...
not_morrison_rm, Jan 16 2014

       Interesting [21q] -- and lots of neat articles on that subject via a Google search. Previously, I had only heard about this guy (link).
swimswim, Jan 16 2014

       Manual Typewriters are good for making labels, when you need them one at a time. Like if your working rebuilding a four drawer file cabinet.   

       Files are of course also obsolete, but rules is rules.
popbottle, Apr 28 2015

       // Manual Typewriters are good for making labels //   

       ... but roll-fed label printers are widely available. They often come with a simple application to allow the printing of sequenced labels, labels from templates, duplex printing ... very useful.   

8th of 7, May 15 2015


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