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Keyboard With a Twist
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The idea is simple. A keyboard comes with a special memory slot containing a small jump drive along with a very tiny on-board memory (far less than 1GB). In addition, the keyboard has a small button labeled something to the effect of "Encrypt".

Operation is as follows: The first time you install your keyboard, a dialog pops-up requiring you to answer some basic security questions. The keyboard then takes this information and creates a randomly generated key that configures a profile (stored on the memory card and keyboard independently) that is unique to yourself). For added security, one can even password protect their profiles. Say you are registering a new account and you need a password. You want something easy to remember but difficult to figure out. Thus enters the keyboard. One simply presses the Encrypt button on your keyboard and a dialog pops up on screen (much as is found on monitors). The dialog has a series of slots for which you load a profile. The profile, when activated, semi-randomly mixes up the keys on the keyboard. For example, the H key becomes a L or the A key becomes a 3. Different profiles are built for different requirements, one includes only letters, some are alpha-numeric, etc. You can even enable one that generates multiple characters for each individual keystroke. In this method, you can type a simple password (say tree) and it can create a difficult gibberish entry (like a5n4D3p5). When on other computers where you do not have access to your keyboard, the jump drive included and connected to your keyboard can be removed. This drive contains a program that has the identical profile you have created with your keyboard so you can still access your sites, albeit without the convenience.

I understand that there are programs that exist that perform similar functions to the Secure-Board but thought a convenient hardware solution that is not constantly vulnerable to attack would be prudent. Feel free to criticize though I prefer it to be constructive.

DavidT, Feb 22 2007


       Is this just for entering passwords?
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 22 2007

       Brilliant! Be sure to make the Secure-Board portable, so you can still check your email on holiday without memorising the horrible sequence "Polly" translates to.
placid_turmoil, Feb 22 2007

       To Lt_Frank   

       The link you posted is similar but not the same. The purpose of that keyboard is to defeat keyloggers. The purpose of the Secure-Board is to allow very complex passwords to be memorized as simple words and phrases.
DavidT, Feb 23 2007


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