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puzzle logon

Instead of a password, logon to a computer system with a puzzle
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The problem with passwords is that secure ones are hard to remember. People tend to choose easy to remember ones, and re-use them. This makes computer systems vulnerable to brute-force attacks.

I propose that people be given a small puzzle to log on to. Imagine a "Legend of Zelda" logon: a small birds-eye view game of four screens. You have to go North, enter the cave, exit, and play the flute to logon.

There would be lots of other things in the environment and items in Link's inventory. This would make it difficult for a program to hack, and hard for a person to guess.

If someone is watching over your shoulder, just do a lot of differnt things, then do the right combination, then do some more things, and hit 'logon'. The person won't know which things you did were the logon sequence.

To prevent re-use of patterns, each computer system will have a different theme. One might be a city, one might be some woods, etc. That way each person has a unique logon for each system.

lawpoop, Jul 20 2003


       I logon to my work pc about 20-30 times a day due to tea breaks, toilet breaks, meetings and other things...Do I really have to spend more than 5 seconds logging on each time?.....Then again, as long as my boss verifies the necessity...
silverstormer, Jul 20 2003

       Well, I guess it's not a problem if you're using secure passwords. I would look at it as a small video game break!
lawpoop, Jul 20 2003

       I really hate this.
waugsqueke, Jul 20 2003

       I'd like to hate it, too, waugsqueke.   

       But, I can't find any reason to. Perhaps you care to share?
lawpoop, Jul 23 2003

       I'd be the unlucky devil who'd get stuck with the 'Zork machine.'
RayfordSteele, Jul 23 2003

       waugsy... don't be so bitter. Can I get you anything? Is there anything we/I can do to steal a smile from that usually-grumpy face of yours?
Pericles, Jul 23 2003

       // waugsy... don't be so bitter. //   

       Not bitter, not grumpy, not even slightly. People always think that - not sure why. It is possible to really dislike an idea and still lead a normal happy life. And I do. And I am! (bliss is right about the 'rita though.)   

       I dislike video games considerably. That explains my dislike for this.
waugsqueke, Jul 23 2003

       I can imagine a security measure which requires Males to logon in the...ehem...bathroom, might become very popular.
silverstormer, Jul 23 2003

       You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.
DeathNinja, Jul 23 2003


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