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Security Cameras With 2 Red Lights

That look like eyes.
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Not a joke, there's a visceral reaction to seeing lit up eyes peering out at you from the darkness.

Security cameras often have red lights indicating they're on, just add one, side by side so in the dark you get that ingrained "There's something looking at you." reaction.

Heck, it might even catch people's attention more so they know they're on camera.

I'd be interested to see a study of lights in dark places where people have two lights arranged like eyes vs one LED and question them to see if two lights triggered that visceral reaction and got noticed more.

And as 21 suggested, they need to blink occasionally.

doctorremulac3, Feb 12 2022

Cat's Eyes https://en.m.wikipe.../Cat%27s_eye_(road)
Road version [xenzag, Feb 12 2022]


       [+] if they blink at random intervals.
21 Quest, Feb 12 2022

       A1 I'm talking about demon eyes, not animal eyes.   

       Should have specified.   

       21, added. Can't believe I forgot that.   

       Ohh, not just blink, have some sort of eyelid effect.   

       Okay, now this is the single greatest idea in history.   

       1- Blinking eyes security camera LEDs.
2- Science
3- Medicine
4- Technology
5- Pie. The kind you eat, not that stupid math thing that's spelled wrong.
doctorremulac3, Feb 12 2022

       I read some claim years ago that just putting up a cardboard cutout of a security guard dramatically reduced shoplifting.
4and20, Feb 12 2022

       For a //visceral reaction// you'll want a large, slowly moving thing fully concealed in a bush, a very faint deep breathing sound, and, upon motion being detected a much more rapid but still fairly subtle movement followed by stillness.
Voice, Feb 12 2022


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