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Security Money Clip

Frustrate would-be thieves
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If a thief accosts you just turn over the Security Money Clip and laugh at his look of frustration when he realizes your money is protected by a combination lock.
MauiChuck, May 17 2005


       Probably not a good idea to laugh at a thief.
finrod, May 17 2005

       Hey, on a similar note, you could just say no when he points a gun at you and asks for your cash. Then laugh.
david_scothern, May 17 2005

       // KBar knife// in new zealand a k-bar is a thing made of almost pure sugar and flavouring, is about 12-15 cm long and costs about 25 cents.i wish i had a k-bar right now.
andrew1, May 17 2005

       How can you all so over-analyise such a dumb joke. Are you all in MENSA? Henny Youngman would have big probs getting a laugh here.
MauiChuck, May 17 2005

       Having never heard of Henny Youngman, I googled, and found some material. I imagine anyone with an IQ in double digits would find it hard to raise a smile.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 17 2005

       Mmm... Ka-Bar good. Idea bad. Mongo smash.
justaguy, May 17 2005

       I thought [UnaBubba]s joke was funny.
finrod, May 17 2005

       "I'm thinking it over"
half, May 17 2005

       Great gag, [Maui]! [+++]   

       Now, what am I supposed to do with this anterior cingulate thingy once its removed?   

       *looks over at mango smashings* hmm...
daseva, May 17 2005

       To rub it in the thief's face even more - you could say "Take My Money...please" in the Henny Youngman style.
monojohnny, Oct 25 2008

       BTW: "Take a fishbone...please..." :-p
monojohnny, Oct 25 2008


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