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Mirror-backed wallet

Discrete ATM security
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If, like me, you're taller than average, checking an ATM for unauthorised after-market enhancements before use can, in itself, look suspicious.
You have to stoop to the level of the screen and look upwards, checking for anything out-of-the-ordinary.
Alternatively, you have to run your hand over the invisible upper part of the machine, and thereby exposing yourself to the risk of running your fingers through last night's semi-digested chicken korma.
This simple mirror-backed wallet held over the data-entering hand combines the function of shielding prying eyes from ascertaining your PIN, whilst allowing a thorough yet discreet inspection of the machine.
coprocephalous, Mar 27 2008


       I use a mouth mirror from my armamentarium.
skinflaps, Mar 27 2008

       Ok so let me see...   

       Is this actually subterfuge triggered by a recent argument with your "connected" girlfriend that always has that handy mirror...
madness, Mar 27 2008

       [rcarty], you can just fold your money and then count it. Twice as much as before!
theleopard, Mar 27 2008

       This might also shield your cash from wayward laser blasts [+]
zen_tom, May 29 2009


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