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Seed Widespread Printer Discontent

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Seed Widespread Printer Discontent = Printer Hate Function

This is a routine that allows a user to specify particular functionality on a per user basis.

Suppose you had a co-worker or colleague that you did not care for. This functionality would allow you to program the office printer to behave in a certain predefined way just for them.

There are thousands of settings on a printer and I could describe wish list routines all day but here are a few.

I would love a chance to have the printer request a password reset and require/prompt for entry of a new 37 digit numerical password.

You could set the printer to require multiple entry of user code on a random basis. So if user 1101 attempts access the screen would display a no user found message and then allow usage only after 3- 7 entries of the same number.

You may set the printer to multiply whatever print quantity is entered by a floating factor and then print an alternate amount. The particular user may enter 2 for quantity the routine will multiply by 27.5 and display 55 copies printing and yet only print one copy.

You may decide to input an image that is to be superimposed on the background of every scanned document sent to your co-workers email address?

The options can be endless here. While this tool is an entertaining means to more efficiently manage your co- workers office experience the ultimate purpose could also be to generate widespread copier hate when you think it may be time to have it replaced.

vfrackis, Nov 10 2014


       They already do this, don't you know? Maybe I shouldn't have let that out...
RayfordSteele, Nov 10 2014

       As if you needed a tool to spread copier hate ...
gisho, Nov 10 2014

       Sounds like you've been having problems with your printer. Hope things get better. Sometimes tossing it into the dumpster and starting over works well.   

popbottle, Nov 11 2014


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