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Shrunken household objects

Scaled-down props allow for deceptive depictions of size.
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"It's as thick as a Coke can!"

Sure it is. As thick as a 70%-scale, otherwise-perfect-replica Coke can, maybe.

With a variety of innocent household objects, recreated somewhat smaller or larger than normal, trick photography would be within reach of everyman.

Who said it was a bad thing to have props of various sizes?By simply swapping sets of objects, suddenly your "lizard" can go from slightly-taller-than-a-house to squashing entire blocks of Tokyo in a single footfall!

Myself, Feb 09 2010

Less for the same? http://lobojosden.b...epper-coke-etc.html
70%-scale, otherwise-perfect-replica Coke can? [LoriZ, Aug 04 2011]

\\squashing entire blocks of Frisco\\ http://www.lizhickok.com/01city.html
Scaling laws. Maybe Tokyo could be made of tofu? [mouseposture, Aug 05 2011]



       Widely known to exist. Movies already (well, not quite as often any more) happily use props of different sizes, and shoppers who know where to look can find such props. At best this is a "WIBNI movie props were widely available." However, odd-sized items are already pretty widely available as as collectibles and as toys.   

       Coke is an especially common example: Coke has produced coke cans and bottles of various sizes, filled with soda, as cigarette lights, etc.
aguydude, Jul 27 2011

       I read this as "shuriken household objects." Now that would be fun in a domestic dispute.
nomocrow, Jul 27 2011

       //I read this as "shuriken household objects.//   

       Me too.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 28 2011

       And of course there's dollhouse props...
LoriZ, Aug 04 2011

       //squashing entire blocks of Tokyo in a single footfall//   

       Mini-Tokyo will have to be made out of gelatin, or something equally flimsy, since the lizard's weight scales as the cube of it's height.   

       So, maybe you should amend that to \\squashing entire blocks of San Francisco <link>\\
mouseposture, Aug 05 2011


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