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Seesaw Sill

Peaceful Slumber No Matter What The Weather
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I was woken in the early hours this morning by the sound of a band of goblins beating an enthusiastic tattoo on snare drums outside my bedroom window.

I got up to shoo them away and found that the source of the noise wasn't goblins (for once) but the drumming of the rain on my windowsill. I closed the window, but this did little to decrease the volume. The next few hours featured much noise and little sleep.

Such troubles could have been avoided with a Seesaw Sill. When it looks like rain, a press of the button causes the sill to rotate until it forms a slope, almost perpendicular to the ground. In the tilted state, the sill forms a smaller target for raindrops.

Any drops that do strike it will hit a less noisy, glancing blow and trickle off down a specially positioned drainpipe. Within the pipe is a tiny waterwheel which drives an alternator which in turn recharges the battery that powers the sill's movement. A water butt at the bottom of the pipe collects the water for garden/household use.
DocBrown, Oct 14 2004

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       You could very easily construct this yourself by using a baked bean tin and wedge.[+] It kept me awake too.
skinflaps, Oct 14 2004

       A water butt would keep me awake.
FarmerJohn, Oct 14 2004

       It shouldn't do [FJ]if we cap the thing tightly and have the pipe extending well into the barrel... or was that a joke. I believe that may very well have been humour. Damn it. Now I look foolish.
DocBrown, Oct 14 2004


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