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Segway based patrol robot

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Essentially a self balancing robot with a camera, speaker, floodlight and microphone.

It is a robot that patrols an area such as a troublesome neighborhood.

To ensure that people don't get used to its patrol route, it randomizes its path. However it does try to ensure no two robot travels the same path at the same time.

It has a swarming feature, in which if there is loud noises or people, it will tend to travel that route more often.

At any time, a officer can take over a bot and take it on a joyride.

At any time, a person can shout help, or press a button on the top of the robot to alert the operator.

mofosyne, Dec 22 2010

Congrats, Akimbo. You've earned it. http://www.mccullag...rother-awards-1.jpg
A big round of applause. [MikeD, Dec 22 2010]

Cool self balancing robot. http://www.grandide...ted-pizza-delivery/
From the "Prototype This" tv show. [goldbb, Jan 02 2011]

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       Yet another exciting advancement for miniluv.   

       I nominate you for the "Big Brother" award, [Akimbo].
MikeD, Dec 22 2010

       why use a self balancing bot? using a 4 wheeled bot is more efficient in terms of energy use. look at all the bomb squad bots and combat bots that are meant to travel into houses etc. They are all 4 wheeled or more.
metarinka, Dec 24 2010

       bun for advanced robotics and bad ethics
Voice, Dec 24 2010

       wasn't this tried in the late 80's with robo cop and didn't the Mk II end up shooting a board member? bad for business me thinks   

       you have 10 seconds to fish bone
metarinka, Dec 25 2010


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